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Estate Sales America has conducted over 600 estate sales since 2001.

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In those 20 years, we have managed numerous six-figure estate sales and have sold millions of dollars worth of items including rare art and books, classic cars, antiques, and fine collectibles.

It all started March 1, 2001, when the Duplant family opened the Antique Mall of Lumberton in Southeast Texas. Soon after, Estate Sales by Antique Mall of Lumberton was established but later changed to Estate Sales by Vivian.

Dominating the estate sales field in that region for over 10 years, Estate Sales by Vivian evolved into Estate Sales America, expanding to Central Texas. In 2013, Estate Sales America moved its home office to Austin, Texas.

We are recognized nationally and our unique style of staging, expert researching, exceptional customer service, and dedication to our clients provide a level of professionalism that exceeds expectations.

Estate Sales America understands that it is a true honor and privilege to manage a sale, and we are extremely humbled when handed the keys to a home filled with a lifetime of memories.

With so many years of experience, we have gained an unparalleled perspective of how an estate sale should be handled, which is one of the many reasons why 90% of our estate sales are now from referrals.

When you are looking for someone to manage your fine estate, think of Estate Sales America. We are a team of experienced and trusted certified appraisers that are insured and bonded. To simply put it, we are the best in the business!

Vivian Duplant | Owner
Vivian Duplant | Owner

I am very self-driven and strive to be the very best in my field. 

Logan Duplant | Owner
Logan Duplant | Owner

My goal is to make sure you have the best possible experience.